For years I have dreamed about being able to bring simple straight forward baseball training to the masses. BaseballAcademy.com lets me do that.

I have completely enjoyed the one on one and group training I have done but I remain frustrated that so many kids are struggling with this great game of baseball.

I can reach dozens and even hundreds of kids per year with my personal training but for me it’s not enough. I want to provide the incredibly valuable information that all players should have access to, to maximize their enjoyment of this great game. I know more than anyone how hard this game is but if we can provide some training that makes our players a little bit better and a little more confident, perhaps we can stem the tide of the 70% of players who quit the game by age 12 or 13.

Maybe it’s that little bit better that gets a kid onto their first all-star team, or a small improvement that grows a players love for the  game because they can have some amount of success that keeps them coming back for more and they not only finish their youth baseball but continue to play as an adult on a company or club team.

That’s why I created BaseballAcademy.com

I will be bringing a series of online course on Hitting, Fielding, Base-running, and the Mental Side of the Game.

Be sure to check out the details of our different products and check back regularly for new products that we are launching.


You can learn more about me and follow my Blog at http://www.alanmauthe.com

Alan Mauthe

Professional Baseball Coach

World Series – Boston Red Sox – 2004 & 2007

College World Series Champion – 1987

Team Canada Member – 1987 Pan-Am Games & 1988 Olympics